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The #1 Reason Why You Need a Social Media Kit

You're probably wondering what's the big deal about these social media kit's that everyone is raving about. Well a little over two weeks ago I experienced a 3 day design swell where I produced 80 graphics for a client. 80 graphics in one weekend is unheard of for me. After feeling all proud of myself I shared some of the designs with a few client/friends and before you know it more order started to roll in.

A social media kit is a package of our customized graphics can be used to promote, advertise and engage with your audience on all social media platforms. In your kit are ready to post graphics that will include quotes and motivational messages, showcase of your products or services, website promotion, newsletter signups, customer testimonials, educational tips, branded photos and so much more. These file are digital and are great for every social media platform, your website and newsletter. You can also use them to advertise yourself on other people’s websites and via text.

To get started with your custom social media kit today, all you have to do is send an inquiry through our prices page and I will get a design consultation set up for you.

If you want to get a head start on what I will need from you, I'll need your logo, brand colors, contact info and between 3-8 photos photos that I can incorporate into your graphics depending on which package you choose.

No photos, no problem, I have a sweet stock photography add on to you package for $75, and those photos will be yours to use over and over again.

As always with all project I require 50% deposit to get started. I'm looking forward to helping you reach your social media goals.

Oh and the number one reason why you need a kit, it's because they are pretty duh!

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