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Hurricane Harvey took Houston by storm. Like many others in the city, the days leading up to the hurricane, me and my family began preparing for the storm. This was my family's first hurricane since moving to Houston in 2012.

Never did we imagine, the damage it would do to the city we call home. Although a very traumatic and mentally draining ordeal, we were lucky that we made it through the storm unscathed. We kept electricity the entire time, had minimal flooding in our neighborhood, and had a lot to be thankful for. Once the storm broke, and my neighborhood was safe to drive out of, me and my family went out to assist as many people as we could.

I already knew Houston was a great city, but I was even more proud of the all of the people that came together helping neighbors and strangers alike, donating food, water, money, clothing, toiletries, time, and effort.

From the storm, many good things came about for me and many others. For starters, the entire city unified and people organizations from around the world pitched in to help in the recovery efforts.

One highlight for me was, I was asked to develop and design a campaign, I called #HoustonStrong, for Uncle Funky's Daughter, a beauty brand.

Little did I know that was only the beginning, because I was asked by a few other organizations to develop graphics in support of the relief efforts and organizations that are now in place to aide in the city's recovery.

This outcome reminds me of the scripture that says, what was meant for your harm will be used for your good. I'm so thankful that I am able to use my talents and gifts to be a blessing to others.

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